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And when it comes to camping, it’s safe to say that it comes with a list of its own. This is likely why you’re thinking that a teardrop style camper is exactly what you need to improve your camping experience. Combining many of the amenities found in a larger camper and the 4×4 capabilities and size to get you to no neighbor campsites, it’s the perfect balance for those seeking adventure. And, it usually fits in a garage spot. However, our goal here at wibtech isn’t to offer you just another teardrop camper. It’s to offer a teardrop camper that strikes the perfect balance of intuition, comfort and functionality. In other words, a camper that’s going to make spending time outdoors a whole lot less complicated. In the sections below, you will find detailed information and photos on how we sought to achieve this. For a more complete experience, contact us and schedule an in-person showing at our shop located at i-25 and i-70.

Trailer & Exterior​

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From the ground up, our trailers are built with the durability and capability needed for driving on the rugged mountain trails that lead to no-neighbor campsites. And once you’ve found camp, you can rest easy knowing that a hardy aluminum exterior and fully insulated cabin & galley will protect you from mother nature and the elements. An integrated and easy to use electrical system and battery are also included with every camper we build. *For additional methods of charging the battery besides the standard extension cord plug in, please see our upgrades & add-ons section at the bottom of the page.

Available Exterior Colors

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Tan
  • Black


  • 100 amp-hour sealed lead-acid battery system
  • Noco Genius charging system
  • AC direct power port (Nema 5-15)
  • Fully insulated cabin and galley kitchen
  • Timbren axle-less suspension (1-Ton)
  • 15″ Wheels with Premium all-terrain tires
  • Proprietary lightweight chassis
  • Rustproof electro-coated chassis
  • Ez Latch hitch (accepts standard 2” ball)
  • Two stabilizer jacks and tongue jack
  • Heavy duty, weight bearing diamond plate fenders
  • Durable .040 pre-finished aluminum used in roof construction


Tagline for Cabin

Built around a standard queen size mattress, the cabin area in our campers is the perfect place to rest your head after a long day spent in the great outdoors. Or, if mother nature isn’t cooperating, fold our standard mattress into the couch configuration and get cozy with a book and cup of coffee. Either way, the amenities found in our cabin area create a comfortable and functional space to relax. Between adjustable and spacious wardrobe storage, control and monitoring of the campers electrical system, and climate control from rigid foam insulation and intuitive ventilation… this is camping made easy.


  • 4″ folding Queen size mattress that doubles as a couch
  • Spacious & adjustable wardrobe storage
  • Two bedside shelves with USB charging & light control
  • Lacquer finish on all exposed wood surfaces
  • Doors on both sides of cabin with integrated blackout shades
  • Master electrical panel inside of cabin with additional USB charging
  • Additional charging port inside of middle cabinet, with dedicated fuse
  • Cabin bluetooth speaker
  • Maxxair 4-speed fan
  • Two porthole windows
  • Carbon monoxide alarm


Tagline for Galley

If the heart of a home is in the kitchen, then the heart of a teardrop is in the galley. And for those of you who are truly looking to improve your camping experience, the configuration and functionality of this area should be at the top of your priority list. This is why we have meticulously designed our galley kitchens around two guiding principles that make our teardrops feel more like a second home

  1. Designing the galley around the kitchen triangle: giving you intuitive and ergonomic access to fire (stove), water (jug & tub or sink system), and ice (refrigerator or cooler). Simply pull out the stove drawer, flip the top, slide out the cooler rack, and now you’re ready for all things cooking.
  2. Offering enough storage in the galley so that you can leave your cooking supplies inside the camper during storage. So, come Friday, you can grab some food, drop the hitch, and head out on your next adventure.


  • CampChef Ranger II propane stove
  • Propane system (11 lbs.)
  • Premium stainless steel countertop
  • Coleman 5-Gallon jug and tub system
  • Ample kitchen cabinet and drawer storage
  • Slide out cooler/fridge rack
  • Two dimmable galley dome lights
  • Galley electrical control panel w/ usb charging station
  • Additional charging port inside of fridge bay, with dedicated fuse
  • Custom latching cabinetry
  • Galley bluetooth speaker

Upgrades & Add-ons

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When designing our camper, we sought to include every amenity necessary for an amazing camping experience in our base price. However, for those of you that desire more of a luxury camping experience, we offer an extensive list of optional upgrades & add-ons to make a Wibtech camper fit your exact needs. And, if you have something in mind that you don’t see on this list, don’t hesitate to reach out and see if we can make it happen! It’s also worthy to note that a handful of these upgrades can be made after the fact. That way, you can fine tune your experience as you and your desires change. Here’s a list of upgrades we suggest. In other words, what we and our customers have found to offer the greatest improvement in experience per dollar spent.
  • Solar charger (charge camper from the sun)
  • Battery isolator (charge camper from the tow vehicle)
  • Roof rack (adding endless options for storage & accessories)
  • Awning (increase square footage protected from mother nature)
  • Spare tire (for emergency situations)

All Available Upgrades

Trailer/Exterior Options

  • Premium All-Terrain Spare Tire and Mounting System +$349
  • 360 Articulating Trailer Hitch +$325
  • Rhino Rack Rooftop Rack System +$485
  • 80 Inch Retractable Awning & Bracket +$344
  • Keep It Fvn Skyloft Rooftop Tent +$2,300
    • Requires Rack System ($2,785 total)
  • Exterior Vinyl Decal +$849
    • Mountains
    • Trees
    • Map of Colorado


  • 100 Watt Compact Solar Panel & Charging Adaptor +$649
  • Watt Mounted/Removable Solar Panel & Charging Adaptor +$995
  • 12v Battery Isolator +$295


  • 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress +$195
  • 1080P TV w/ DVD Player +$249
  • Two Reading Lights +$49
  • No Dirty Air – Mobile Air Purifier +$295


  • Dometic CFX 35W Refrigerator +$895
  • RTIC 45L Cooler +$299

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